The Informatics & Computing Student Association, hereafter referred to as ICSA, was created to be a student-based organization involved in the Indiana University School of Informatics & Computing. It aims to both provide programs and services for current IU informatics and computer science students that will foster a connection to the School of Informatics & Computing, as well as promote the interests of and understanding between Indiana University-Bloomington informatics and computer science students, businesses, and faculty.

ICSA is continually evolving and adapting, especially with the increase in enrollment in the SoIC, and is always looking for opportunities to become more involved in ways that interest the students. Please forward any questions, comments, or event ideas to icsa[at]indiana.edu and we will do our best to accommodate your suggestions. Thank you for your interest in the ICSA and we look forward to your involvement.


The association initially was co-founded by two students, Nick Baker and Cameron Schnick, in hopes of giving students in the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC) a better way to express their ideas for potential events, to give students more access to faculty and staff, and to provide a way to give the Informatics & Computing students an outlet to voice their opinions. With these ideas in mind, ICSA was formed in the fall of 2008.